Derbyshire Tea 80 Bags Dovedale Edition


Box of 80 Tea Bags – A raight good blend of tea made for the taste of Derbyshire folk and maybe the poor folk that dunner live in the finest county in the world.



Introducing our delightful Derbyshire Tea Dovedale Stepping Stones Edition Box.

Lovingly blended and packed right here in the heart of Derbyshire! Each cup is a taste of tradition and warmth, crafted to perfection for the discerning palates of Derbyshire folk. Our tea bags are a testament to local pride, with every element from the blend to the packaging sourced and manufactured in Derbyshire. The result? A truly authentic experience that captures the essence of this beautiful region with every sip.

When you choose our Derbyshire tea, you’re not just getting a beverage – you’re embracing a piece of local heritage. Every cup delivers the rich flavours and soothing aroma that define good old-fashioned British tea time. What’s more, by supporting our product, you’re also supporting local businesses and contributing to sustainable practices – from production all the way through to shipping. With each sip, you can feel proud knowing that your enjoyment is intertwined with the rich history and craftsmanship of this beloved region.

Whether enjoyed at home or savoured abroad, our Derbyshire tea invites everyone to share in its exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to traditional values. From its origins in this picturesque countryside all the way to your teacup, it’s an invitation into a world where authenticity meets pure indulgence.


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